Month: August 2017

Dismiss This: “That’s old news”

Once “the collective Borg of the market” has heard of some possible effect on supply/demand/prices/risks it get “priced in the market.” And prices may move inexplicably to nonborgs That really happens. What also happens is the overwhelming number and nature of items priced into the market, like every possible drug interactions, no one can predict, thus, beware “That’s Old News” Example of an absurd possibility: A small island in the remoteness of the southern Pacific ocean calves off most of it’s only mountain. Science might predict that there is up to existential danger to boats, flotsom and jetsom and so on within 50 miles. Nothing is usually there, so it becomes old news by practicality. Enter stage left: Mostly predictable range based issues of molten lava, noxious gases and the like miles below the surface of the ocean, suddenly surge by a hundred fold for 5 minutes. Likely no measurement of that will be noted let along cause for concern. Thousands of daily range bound earthquakes are recorded but never felt in seismic areas. For 5 minutes in a small geographical area, say 50 acres, goes on a binge from the usual Richter dot plot of .1 to 1.9  to .8- 2.4 with a mix of a few very short 3-4. Nothing unusual for a temporary staying from usual boundaries really, especially if one could actually plot variables within...

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Technical Line – Financial reporting obligations under SEC Rule 701 for private companies that issue equity compensation

Go to Source Author: As companies remain private longer and continue growing, they often pass the $5 million threshold for the aggregate sales or issuances of securities to employees and other covered persons within a 12-month period, thus triggering the requirement under SEC Rule 701 to provide financial statements and other disclosures to participants in the offering. We are finding that companies may not be aware of the financial reporting obligations under Rule 701 and may not want or be able to provide, even confidentially, the required information to offering participants for competitive reasons. Our Technical Line highlights what private companies need to do to comply with the financial reporting requirements under Rule...

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