Month: October 2018

SEC Comments and Trends – September 2018

Go to Source Author: Our 2018 SEC Comments and Trends – An analysis of current reporting issues publication discusses in detail the SEC staff’s focus areas in its reviews of public filings during the year ended 30 June 2018. Our publication notes the ongoing decline in the number of comment letters issued by the SEC staff and identifies the top comment areas by...

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SEC Reporting Update – 2018 trends in SEC comment letters

Go to Source Author: Our SEC Reporting Update publication points out areas of focus of comment letters issued to early adopters of the new revenue standard, which may indicate areas the SEC staff will focus on when reviewing filings by the much larger population of registrants that adopted the standard in 2018. It also highlights areas the SEC staff may focus on next, such as disclosures about cybersecurity and how companies will be affected by new accounting standards on leases and credit impairment, and their completion of accounting for the effects of income tax...

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EITF Update – September 2018

Go to Source Author: The EITF reached consensuses-for-exposure on recognition under Topic 805 for an assumed liability in a revenue contract and improvements to accounting for episodic television series. The Task Force also discussed but didn’t reach a consensus-for-exposure on the measurement of an assumed liability in a revenue contract in a business combination. Instead, the Task Force asked the staff to draft a discussion paper that would seek feedback from stakeholders on this topic. The Task Force will discuss the topic again at a later...

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